Street Life
(2014) Cassette

Game Text
Audio Excerpts
Video from Installation at Cairo Vibrations Festival (08/14)
Video from Priority TV Episode (08/15)
Photographs from Installation at Cairo Festival (08/14):       
Photographs from Installation at Wendy's Subway (10/15):
Photographs from Installation at Minneapolis College of Art & Design (11/15):
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David Hrivnak, Nancy Blanco, Erin Birgy, Nick Shively, Amanda Pitsch,
Yuji Ohno, Mike Watt, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Fage Yogurt,
Rockman's Jenkum, Urban Sip, Gareth Williams, the Village People, Blue Cheer, More ...

Choose-your-own-adventure-style audio-based game spanning 30 cassette (10.5 hours) 
wherein players can explore a fully interactive world and engage in a variety of tasks 
(including: eating, sleeping, walking, using the restroom, shopping, swimming, dreaming, etc.). 
Cassettes represent various aspects of gameplay/the interactive world (eg. Cassette #5 
is used for opening drawers while Cassette #24 allows players to browse a local 
convenience store [see: "List of Cassettes"]). Each cassette contains 20-30 
"Programs" (or variations on the cassette's "theme") which cause permutations 
in plot and gameplay as the cassette tapes are advanced. 
(For example, opening a drawer with Cassette #5 on Program B 
will produce different results than when the Cassette has been advanced ["played"] 
to Program C [see: "Game Text"]). The tapes are not rewound following each "session" 
causing the plot line of the game to shift. The idea was to create (essentially) endless 
alterations in gameplay (and storyline) in addition to a world wherein outcomes were 
impacted by the choices of both current players and those who played previously.