Public Image:

("Kool Toad in Your City:")

11/18 w/ ???, ??? -- ??? (Athens, OH)
11/17 w/ ???, ???, Dent -- Tori's House (Brooklyn, NY)
11/15 w/ Jon G & Eleanor Fish -- Commend (New York City, NY)
11/14 w/ ???, ??? -- ??? (???, ??)
11/13 w/ Tiffany's House, Russel the Leaf, Harmon Butcher -- Piggies Amusement Complex (Philadelphia, PA)
11/12 w/ Kiernan Paradise, Paul Ryan -- Mahall's (Cleveland, OH)
11/11 w/ Molly Soda, ??? -- Trumbullplex (Detroit, MI)
11/10 w/ Birdlabs, ??? -- Pinky Swear  (Chicago, IL)

10/18 w/ Living Room, Fraydee Cat -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
10/09 as  High Viscosity Music w/  Basketball Group, Mitch Stallman, Tiffany's House -- Wet Gallery at MCAD (Minneapolis, MN)
09/23 w/ Galaxy Express 555, J.Westmark (Curated by J. Berns) -- Brainforest Cafe at MCAD (Minneapolis, MN)
09/21 w/ Naomi Punk, IE, Carmichaels -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)

09/01 w/ Iceblink, Heatwarmer -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)

08/12 w/ Jametatone -- Night Blooms (Kansas City, MO)
08/11 w/ Bangplay, 3078992070 -- WMCA (Denver, CO)
08/08 w/ P22, Olga, Dent Dog -- the Griffin  (Los Angeles, CA)
08/07 w/ Mark E. Deutsch, Salami Rose, Yoko Ok -- Feral (Oakland, CA)
08/06 w/ Jonathan James Carr (Modular), Fraydee Cat -- Oakland.Secret (Oakland, CA)
08/04 w/ Geological Creep, Leyla Daze, Attic Ted, DJ Life Couch -- the Projection Museum (Portland, OR)
08/03 w/ Claire Buss (Video Work), Thank You, Joe Waine, Neon Polygon -- Big Warehouse (Seattle, WA)
08/01 w/ Botanicals, Split Rock Bad Boys -- ZACC Below (Missoula, MT)
07/29 w/ Molly Raben, New Year's Steve -- the White Page (Minneapolis, MN)

07/08 w/ Cheap Fantasy, Zina, Finesse -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
06/13 w/ Larry Wish, Wetter, Good Doom -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
05/05 w/ Tender Meat, French Kettle Station, XBOX Live -- MCAD (Minneapolis, MN)
04/27 w/ The Controversial New Skinny Pill -- Icehouse (Minneapolis, MN)
 w/ Tony Peachka -- 331 
(Minneapolis, MN)

02/24 w/ Feel Free Hi-Fi -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)
02/09 w/ Itch Princess, 2-6-9 Bone, Shahs -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)

Playing a Keyboard in Night Moves:
01/20 at Oran Mor (Glasgow, UK)
01/19 at Brudenell Social Club (Leeds, UK)
01/17 at the Hope & Ruin (Brighton, UK)
01/16 at O'Meara (London, UK)
01/15 at the Crofter's Rights (Bristol, UK)
01/14 at Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK)
01/12 at Kantine am Berghain (Berlin, DE)
01/11 at Uebel & Gefarlich (Hamburg, DE)
01/10 at Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL)

2016 11/23 w/ Night Moves, Rupert Angeleyes -- 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

10/20 w/ Plus Sign, Choral Reefr, Problem (Cool Memories) -- Tusk (Chicago, IL)
10/16 w/ ??? -- Hazzard Hall (Philadelphia, PA)
10/13 w/ Quarterbacks, Eleanor Fish, Jon G -- the Glove (Brooklyn, NY)
10/12 w/ Tiffany's House, Bedbug -- No Berry (Boston, MA)
10/09 w/ Mauno, Luka, Little Fire -- La Vitrola (Montreal, QC)
10/08 w/ ??? -- ??? (Detroit, MI)
10/06 w/ Material, Chopper Disco Rocky Band, Motorrad Reisen -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)
09/25 w/ Used Bin -- Everyday Music (Seattle, WA)
09/22 is  Live Score for (Game Show) "The Future is 0" -- Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA)
09/17 w/ Thank You, Ghost Soda -- the Future (Seattle, WA)
09/15 w/ Shahs, Tormi, Ancient Forest, Dorothy -- the Palace (Missoula, MT)
09/13 w/ French Kettle Station, DJ Pop+ Ctrl, Xbox Live, Kill'd By -- Glob (Denver, CO)
09/11 w/ Toad Tartare, Piper Harrow -- Hidden Temple (Kansas City, MO)

08/29 w/ iji, Gay Henry, Tights, 2-6-9 Bone -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)
08/21 w/ Stef Chura, Wetter, Gully Boys -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
07/24 w/ XOXO Tech, Heaven For Real, Loud Sun -- Licorice Beach (Minneapolis, MN)
07/16 w/ New Rose Hotel, XOXO Tech -- Buttfuckers (Minneapolis, MN)
07/12 w/ Men of Paradise -- Licorice Beach (Minneapolis, MN)
07/09 w/ True Lust, Lovelines -- Trash Palace (Minneapolis, MN)
07/09 w/ New Rose Hotel -- the White Page (Minneapolis, MN)
06/17 w/ Frankie Teardrop, Juiceboxxx, The Controversial New Skinny Pill -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
06/13 w/ ???, ???, ??? -- ??? (???, ??)

Playing a Keyboard in Night Moves:
05/23 at Total Drag (Sioux Falls, SD)
05/22 at Reverb Lounge (Omaha, NE)
05/21 at Tank Room (Kansas City, MO)
05/20 at Double Wide (Dallas, TX; Can I Get a Hell Ye Bryan's Loft)
05/19 at Rudyard's Pube (Houston, TX)
05/18 at The Sidewinder (Austin, TX)
05/18 at KUTX In-Studio (Austin, TX)
05/14 at Rebel Lounge (Phoenix, AZ)
05/13 at The Casbah (San Diego, CA)
05/12 at The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)
05/11 at The Garage (Ventura, CA)
05/10 at Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA)
05/07 at Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR)
05/06 at Sunset Tavern (Seattle, WA)
04/27 at The Frequency (Madison, WI)
04/26 at The Hi-Fi (Indianapolis, IN)
04/25 at Rumba Cafe (Columbus, OH)
04/24 at DC 9 (Washington, DC)
04/23 at Great Scott (Boston, MA)
04/22 at Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY)
04/21 at Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA)
04/19 at Le Divan Orange (Montreal, QC)
04/18 at Drake Hotel (Toronto, ON)
04/16 at Schubas (Chicago, IL)
04/14 at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

04/10 w/ Florville & Courval, Patrick Donohoe, 87.9 the RIQ DJs -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)
04/09 w/ Frankie Teardrop, Tony Peachka, Curt Oren, Lovelines, Sauna Accident -- Licorice Beach (Minneapolis, MN)
04/06 w/ Orchard Thief, Generifus -- Pinecone (Minneapolis, MN)
02/28 w/ XOXO Tech, Larry Wish, Glitter Lung -- Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
02/17 w/ Sir Isaf Gul, Adam June -- Reverie Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
02/05 w/ Obchod Na Korze, Sasha Conda, Far East Midwest Sound Factory, Synergy -- Riverboat Center for Meditation (Minneapolis, MN)
01/25 w/ Coming Soon DJs -- Coming Soon (Minneapolis, MN)
01/14 w/ XOXO Tech, Prince Beast, Apotheosis -- Eagles Club (Minneapolis, MN)
01/07 w/ Gay Henry, Larry Wish, Royal Brat, Miami Dolphins -- Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN)

Let US Trip // Free Music
11/22 w/ So Bad -- Everyday Music (Seattle, WA)
11/14 w/ Shahs -- VFW (Missoula, MT)
11/10 w/ Pleasures -- E.M. Wolfman General Interest Bookstore (Oakland, CA & Steve Roggenbuck Reads Earlier!)
11/06 w/ Pregnant -- 1017 Hut (Sacramento, CA ... actually, i received food poisoning)
11/05 w/ Greenberg -- Chille (Los Angeles, CA)
11/04 w/ Feral Moan -- Headspace Salon (Flagstaff, AZ)
11/03 w/ King Free -- Siesta (Durango, CO)
11/02 w/ Odwalla88, Kill'd By, Dugoutcanoe, 2K Whatever, Luke -- Glob (Denver, CO)
11/01 w/ Terminator 2 -- Vacant Farm (Kansas City, MO -- Go Royals)
10/30 w/ Diva 93, Michael Gaughan, Larry Wish, Gay Henry -- Dead Media (Daytime Show) (Minneapolis, MN)
10/29 w/ Tender Meat, Drughouse, Joey Joey Michaels, Burnet207 -- Micky's House (Minneapolis, MN)
10/27 w/ Wage, Reaches -- House of Usher (Chicago, IL)
10/26 w/ ??? -- Mahall's (Cleveland, OH)
10/25 w/ iji, Dime Blue 6 -- The Crown (Baltimore, MD)
10/23 is  Street Life: Tape Game Installation -- Wendy's Subway (New York, NY)
10/20 w/ Buck Gooter, a Guy from Tonsstartsbandit (w/e) -- Alphaville (New York, NY)
10/19 w/ Harmoos -- Out of the Blue (Boston, MA)
10/18 w/ 3/4ths Tigers, Dr. Joe DeGeorge, Eab -- The Firehouse (Worcester, MA)
10/17 w/ ??? -- ??? (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY)
10/16 w/ A.M. Faces, Rockman -- Thunderbird Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)
10/14 w/ Stef Chura -- Kelly's in Hamtramck (Detroit, MI)
10/12 w/ Scammers, Djazz -- Mistake Mondays (Union Bar) (Kansas City, MO)
10/09 w/ Michael Vidal, Cruelty Code -- The Smell (Los Angeles, CA)
10/08 w/ Feels -- Basic Land & Water (Remote: N's House) (Los Angeles, CA)
10/07 w/ The Classical -- Naming Gallery (Oakland, CA)
10/05 w/ Burnet, Nihar, Molly Kroeten -- Elbo Room (San Francisco, CA)
10/04 w/ Nerve Beats, Sorry Not Sorry -- Thrillhouse Recs. (Daytime Show) (San Francisco, CA)
10/02 w/ Soul Ipsum, Oculus Rift Jam Zone -- Xhurch (Portland, OR)
10/01 w/ Lilac, Dozer, Thank You -- La Futura (Seattle, WA)

09/11 w/ Crater Lakes, Thank You, Ghost Soda -- Blue Moon (Seattle, WA)
09/10 w/ Cold Cube Showcase (September Artwalk): Hillary Johnson, Minh Nguyen, Aidan Fitzgerald, Max Cleary, Katy Lester -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)
08/21 w/ Mega Bog, Naomi Punk, Shahs, Broken Water -- Total Fest XIV (Missoula, MT)
07/11 as Traffic Jam -- 7-11 (16th & Pine) (Seattle, WA)
07/04 w/ Lilac, Sick Sad World, iji -- Werewolf Vacation (Seattle, WA)
07/03 w/ Thank You -- Central Saloon (Seattle, WA)
06/20 w/ Dozer, Pleather, Blanche Beach -- Werewolf Vacation (Seattle, WA)
06/17 w/ Nude Dad on the Beach -- Chop Suey (Seattle, WA)
06/12 w/ iji, Dude York, Mommy Long Legs -- Black Lodge (Seattle, WA)
06/03 w/ Heatwarmer -- Highline (Seattle, WA)
05/19 w/ Gar Pal, Auto-Cocoon -- the Future (Seattle, WA)
04/20 w/ Avalon, Ghost Soda -- Magic Lanes (Seattle, WA)

11/13 w/ TBLV Launch Party -- Cockpit (Seattle, WA)
10/31 w/ Lilac, Hana and the Goose -- the Future (Seattle, WA)
09/26 is  Street Life: Tape Game Installation & Free Music Set -- Glasswing (Seattle, WA)
09/18 w/ Medium Soda, R.ariel, Thanksgiving -- Magic Lanes (Seattle, WA)
09/11 is  9 Inning Stretch (Screening) -- Screenshots at Northwest Film Forum
08/16 w/ Marcus Price, Airport, Vox Mod -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
08/15 w/ American Cream -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA) Record Attendance
08/03 is  Street Life: Tape Game Installation -- Cairo Vibrations Festival (Seattle, WA)
07/09 w/ Mega Bog, Sheer Agony, Dragons -- Bridge to Nowhere (Seattle, WA)
07/04 as  BBO (w/Jonathan James Carr of Brain Fruitw/ Sheer Agony, Mega Bog, Chastity Belt -- Cockpit (Seattle, WA)
06/27 w/ David Kanaga, ilinx group, Briana Marela -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)
06/21 is  Street Life: Tape Game Presentation w/ Pregnant, Poppet, Lilac -- FatCat House (Seattle, WA)
06/07 w/ So Pitted, Free Hot Dog -- 13th & Spruce (Seattle, WA)
06/06 is  Street Life: Tape Game Presentation -- Pool Party on Rainy Dawg Radio
05/24 w/ Briana Marela, Neighbors, Medium Soda, Sick Sad World, Pitschouse ("Heartland RIP Fest") -- Heartland (Seattle, WA)
05/09 w/ San Onofre Lizards, Stutter -- Heartland (Seattle, WA)
05/09 w/ Germs Any (Art Show), Soul Ipsum, Hime Hime -- Toast Condo (Seattle, WA)
03/17 w/ Ghost Ease, Mega Bog -- Heartland (Seattle, WA)
02/21 w/ Poppet -- Werewolf Vacation (Seattle, WA)

12/07 w/ Hotel Party (Beer) -- Inscape Arts Bldg. (Seattle, WA)
12/05 w/ Heatwarmer, Briana Marela -- Atlas Clothing (Seattle, WA) Live in a Tent
10/20 as  Will Do (w/Pill Wonder) w/ Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, Secret Colors -- Chop Suey (Seattle, WA)
10/14 w/ Chastity Belt, Pony Time -- Black Lodge (Seattle, WA) Recorder
10/03 w/ Mega Bog, Boys -- Weird Missoula: ZACC (Missoula, MT)
09/29 w/ Mega Bog, Wangs, Moonstone, Tender Meat -- the Hexagon (Minneapolis, MN) Free
09/28 w/ Mega Bog, Canopies -- Linneman's Riverwest Inn (Milwaukee, WI)
09/27 w/ Mega Bog, Heatwarmer, Sundance Kids -- Big Forever (Chicago, IL)
09/24 w/ Mega Bog, Stef Chura, illymack, Jeffrey William Thomas -- 33 Burnside House (Detroit, MI) J
09/23 w/ Mega Bog, Meg Zakany -- VVK (Columbus, OH) No Digi
09/22 w/ Mega Bog -- Club K (Baltimore, MD)
09/22 w/ Mega Bog, Will Schorre -- the Bahamas (Baltimore, MD) Land of Kush
09/20 w/ Mega Bog -- 94 Evergreen (Brookyln, NY)
09/19 w/ Mega Bog, Michael Collins (ex-Prince Rama) -- Lulu's (Brooklyn, NY)
09/17 w/ Mega Bog, Nightmom, Cool World -- Psychic Readings (95 Empire Street) (Providence, RI) NY System
09/16 w/ Mega Bog, Illusion of Porpoise, Sophie Dickinson -- Whitehaus (Boston, MA) Red Shirt, GS
09/15 w/ Mega Bog, 95 Slide, Free Hit, Black Wampum -- Distant Castle (Worcester, MA) Eab
09/14 w/ Mega Bog, Turnip King -- Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY)
09/13 w/ Mega Bog, Sheer Agony, a Band that Played Sweet Leaf -- the Artel (Kingston, ON)
09/12 w/ Mega Bog, Sheer Agony -- Le Cagibi (Montreal, QC) Climbin Mt. Royal, Diarrhea Home Depot CA
09/10 w/ Mega Bog, Actual Birds (Last Show) -- 3rd Death Star (Ann Arbor, MI)
09/09 w/ Mega Bog -- the Snakepit (Chicago, IL)
09/08 w/ Mega Bog, Vollmar -- Deep Wood (Bloomington, IN) Real Late, "Johnny & Mary"
09/06 w/ Mega Bog, J.A. Metatone, Windows 95 -- the Minotaur (Kansas City, MO)
09/05 w/ Mega Bog, Mega Gem, Free Pie -- 2616 House (Denver, CO)
09/03 w/ Mega Bog -- The Crux (Boise, ID)
09/02 w/ Mega Bog, Twins -- Record Room (Portland, OR)
08/24 w/ C++ So Pitted, Wet & Wet Door -- Psychic Deli (Seattle, WA)
08/24 w/ Sam Flax, Mega Bog, The Memories -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)
07/13 as  Will Do (w/Pill Wonderw/ Secret Colors, The Appendixes -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)
06/28 as  Will Do (w/Pill Wonder) w/ Pitschouse -- Henry Art Gallery (Seattle, WA)
06/18 w/ Chastity Belt, Dude York -- Therapy (Seattle, WA)
06/14 as  Will Do (w/Pill Wonderw/ Funky Photos, A Magic Whistle -- 424 18th Ave. S. (Seattle, WA)
05/25 w/ Live Basketball -- Columbia City Theater (Seattle, WA)
05/02 w/ Jacob Zimmerman Quartet -- Jazz Hell (Take 5) (Seattle, WA)
04/21 as  Will Do (w/Pill Wonder) w/ Sick Whips, Secret Colors -- The Northern (Olympia, WA)
04/14 w/ Brain Fruit, MTNS -- Vermillion (Seattle, WA)
04/13 w/ Mega Bog, Gal Gracen -- Zoo Zhop (Vancouver, BC)
04/04 w/ Haunted Horses, The Numbs -- The IN (Seattle, WA) Illegal
03/14 w/ Service -- Powerhaus Jr. (Tacoma, WA) Prohibitively High
03/26 as  Punishment Trio (w/Andrew Swanson & Evan Woodle) -- Another Dream (Seattle, WA)
03/14 w/ Mega Bog, IBQT, Ghost Ease -- The Kenton Club (Portland, OR)
03/01 as  "Punishment TV" w/ The Numbs  -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
02/16 w/ Stalebirth, Netcat -- Heartland (Seattle, WA)
01/17 w/ Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks -- Heartland (Seattle, WA) Heckler
01/05 w/ Heatwarmer, Mega Bog, iji, Maxines, Sick Sad World, Pitschouse -- Another Dream (Seattle, WA)

12/03 w/ Naytronix (Nate from Tune Yards), Peepholes -- Birthdays Dalston (London, UK)
10/29 w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat (Upset the Rhythm) -- Dalston Victoria (London, UK)
09/28 w/ Mega Bog, Wormy Earth, Darto -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
09/25 is  Intercom Concert (Seattle, WA)
08/21 w/ Pill Wonder, iji -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
07/05 w/ Trippy Troll, Hug of War, Run-On Sunshine -- Cafe on the Ave (Seattle, WA)
06/17 w/ Religious Girls, Haunted Horses -- Seasick Halfshell Embassy (Seattle, WA)
06/15 w/ Good Amount (Holy Page) -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
05/26 w/ Blanket Truth (w/WT & Younger Shoulder), Hive Dwellers -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
05/12 w/ Mega Bog, Lori Goldston, Pleasure Beauties, 23 ("Little Sister Fest") -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
04/30 as  Hukuman // Rindik (Balinese Style) -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
04/06 w/ Twin Steps, Dude York, MTNS -- Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle, WA)
01/07 w/ Dude York -- Space (Seattle, WA) Lions Lost to Saints

12/11 at  Fish Fry (Seattle, WA)
12/02 w/ Jeffrey Lewis -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
11/12 is  Mud OS DJ Set // Live Video Issues (Short Run Afterparty) -- Fantagraphics (Seattle, WA)
11/09 w/ Heatwarmer, Neighbors, Slashed Tires -- Healthy Times Fun Club (Minneapolis, MN) Last Show at HTFC
09/29 w/ No Babies, U (Travis from Naomi Punk & Jeff from The Numbs) -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
09/22 w/ Mega Bog, Karl Blau ("Funny Button Fest") -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
09/07 w/ Footwork, Formica Man, White Coward -- Black Lodge (Seattle, WA)
06/28 w/ The Luyas, The Wand -- Healthy Times Fun Club (Seattle, WA)
02/11 w/ Jib Kidder, Brain Fruit, Melon Blood -- Funny Button (Seattle, WA)
02/05 w/ USF, White Rainbow, Brain Fruit -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)

11/09 w/ School, Whoarfrost, Heatwarmer -- Healthy Times Fun Club (Seattle, WA)
10/24 w/ Arrington De Dionysio -- Healthy Times Fun Club (Seattle, WA)
10/01 w/ Neighbors -- Chiladelphia (Seattle, WA) Alcohol Test
08/16 w/ Velvet Davenport, Little Gold -- Medusa (Minneapolis, MN)
08/12 w/ Chelsea Boys, Tender Meat -- 1419 Love Power Club (Minneapolis, MN)
08/01 w/ Cool Memories -- Medusa (Minneapolis, MN)
06/24 w/ Moonstone, Yohimbe -- Medusa (Minneapolis, MN)
06/23 w/ Seated Heat, Big Ass Jam -- Turf Club (St. Paul, MN)
05/07 w/ Thee Satisfaction, Height, Brain Fruit -- Healthy Times Fun Club (Seattle, WA) S. Funkee
05/01 w/ Neighbors, Treasure Mammal -- The Office of Dr. Glorious (Seattle, WA)
04/21 w/ Eric Copeland, Growing -- Vera (Seattle, WA) Pasquale Lives
04/17 w/ Spurm, Butts, Xmas -- Black Lodge (Seattle, WA)
04/16 w/ Adam Zeek, Brain Fruit -- Cairo (Seattle, WA)
03/31 w/ Neighbors -- Bowl's (Seattle, WA) Bel Air
03/27 w/ Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Fest -- the Mine (Seattle, WA)

11/29 w/ Peaking Lights -- Medusa (Minneapolis, MN)
11/28 w/ Skoal Kodiak, Tender Meat, Seawhores -- Turf Club (St. Paul, MN)
11/22 w/ M. Women, Flexions, Brain Fruit -- Vera (Seattle, WA)
10/29 w/ Wet Paint (DMM) -- Chiladelphia (Seattle, WA)
09/04 on Hollow Earth Radio
08/14 w/ Yacht, Bobby Birdman -- Vera (Seattle, WA)
07/16 w/ Free Energy -- Triple Rock (Minneapolis, MN)
05/24 w/ Black Dice, Wolf Eyes -- the Josephine (Seattle, WA)

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